Under level 3 restrictions, our Staff are your Personal Shoppers! 

Call us and we will happily discuss your needs, help you choose and prepare your order for pick up only.

Find our product list for Fruit Trees, Deciduous Trees and Plants for Less on our website below for you to browse through.

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Orders need to be done by phone or email. Payment can be done prior to pick up through online banking or by phone. We will bring your purchases to a collection point in our car park for you to collect (please book in a pick up time before you come in). 

After weeks of being trimmed, fed and pampered, our plants are Bigger and Better Value than ever !

Everyday low Prices value range:

  • Grannie's Starter Plants $5.00 ea
  • Penny Pinchers Range $6.00 ea, $5.50 for 10 or more
  • Griselinia Broadway Mint $9.95 special (limited stock)
  • Firewood Trees, great value at $2.80 ea
  • Citrus $28
  • Swan plants only $2.50 ea
  • Lomandra longifolia Eve at $12.95
  • Baby house plant at $5 ea 
  • Multibuy on popular plants: Camellia, Griselinia, Pittosporum, Michelia, Lomandra, Loropetalum
  • Huge range of glazed and terracotta pots